Are you interested in sustainable travel? Getting involved with your local community? Promoting this wonderful area we live in?

The Reading Basingstoke Community Rail partnership has numerous volunteer roles available by being the link between railway industry and local communities.

Roles available:

  • Spend a couple of hours during summer months to provide local tourist information to the public at events
  • Help with station improvements – planters, littler picking, art projects, history displays, leaflet distribution, etc
  • Join like-minded volunteers to keep up to date about what we do and help develop future plans
  • Assist with passenger surveys, events and promotions
  • Promote and improve access to or from stations via bus, cycle, walking or car sharing

In fact the list is endless depending on your interest; you can do anything which encourages people to travel by train.

Why volunteer?

The benefits of volunteering are enormous not only to the cause you support but to you, your family and your local community.

Volunteering can help connect you with your local community. If you have recently moved it can help you get to know your neighbourhood and make new friends.

There is lots of evidence that volunteering has a positive impact on your health

Volunteering can be a great way to enhance your CV by gaining new skills, knowledge and experience and developing existing skills.

Volunteering can be a fun way to explore new interests, help you feel valued and part of a team whilst making a vital contribution to our cause.

Remember volunteering can be provided by an individual, family, school, or community group etc

For more information call Mark on 07900 103296 or Lucy on 07988 043870 for an application form, or click on the link below and then you are ready to go after receiving a safety brief. (You will also be covered by insurance in any role you undertake).